Strategic Planning, Capital Campaigns, Planned Giving



Businesses and Nonprofits need Strategic Planning

We  apply business concepts to charitable organizations to help them become more efficient and effective.   When working with businesses, we utilize our nonprofit experience to improve corporate culture and increase community awareness and goodwill. 


Individual Donors and Board Members

We help individuals plan their philanthropy by explaining gift giving strategies, helping them to choose charities doing the best work, and guiding them in planning their legacies.  We also train boards of directors on how to be the most effective, including their responsibilities for raising funds. business strategy strategic planning capital campaigns


Our consultants understand the principles of accounting, finance and economics

After many years as a planned giving and principal gifts professional at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Dartmouth Medical School,  I earned an MBA to increase my knowledge of team dynamics, organizational culture, and strategic planning. Subsequently, I assumed Vice Chancellor and CEO positions with leadership responsibilities within billion dollar campaigns. My business skills in financial management, marketing, negotiation and human capital development help me make nonprofits and corporations stronger.  I draw from the mission-driven values of the nonprofit world to build more satisfying and productive corporate work environments.    

Linda Garceau, MBA, Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt and MA, Dartmouth College. 




  • Provide counsel on tax-wise ways to give now and through charitable planning with estate assets.   
  • Help individuals structure gifts to benefit themselves, their families and the charities they love.  
  • Offer personalized and detailed planned giving illustrations for trusts, gift annuities, life estates, and other current and deferred gifts.  
  • Provide due diligence on nonprofit organizations and recommend  those that are run most efficiently to meet each individual's philanthropic goals. 


  • Provide assessments, strategic planning, business plans, teamwork training.  
  • Build culture of philanthropy to improve work environment and  increase community awareness.  
  • Conduct due diligence regarding charitable beneficiaries.  


  • Provide Strategic Planning, Planned Giving Legacy Society initiation, Capital Campaign counsel.  
  • Board, staff and volunteer training.  
  • Case Statement, campaign and planned giving marketing materials.  

For more information, please call or email:

Linda Garceau, MBA, MA

(615) 419-4413

Franklin, Tennessee





"Linda was incredibly helpful in getting our most recent capital campaign off the ground.  She provided a metered, best-practices approach to laying the groundwork for our project.  Simply put, she "gets it."  Linda comes to the table with a great deal of experience in the field, and is adept at working with many different personalities and varying levels of fundraising experience.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a well-established and inspiring consultant."  Celia Lerch, Executive Director, Congregation Micah